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Our Practice

Serena the Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist on staff at our primary care clinic

Vantage Physicians, serving Olympia and surrounding areas since 2006, is a Direct Medical Practice: a unique and growing model of healthcare where the consumer pays the physician a direct monthly fee. This billing process reduces paper work as well as the labor and waste involved in billing and rebilling insurance carriers. In addition, Vantage is committed to a boutique medicine approach. This means we are a full-service family care, primary care, geriatric care and pediatric care clinic. We strive to get to know our patients well and provide personal services such as house calls and follow-up care.


Over the last several years it became clear that the current medical system was not meeting the needs of our patients. Many patients were frustrated by poor access to their doctor, long waiting times for short appointments, slow responses to phone messages, and physicians who no longer called on their patients in the hospital or nursing home. We knew that on average 40 cents of every dollar our patients spent was wasted on trying to get their insurance companies to pay for their care.


The reason our doctors have chosen to work this way is to be able to spend more time with their patients. Not working with insurance companies is a great way to free up time otherwise spent doing insurance paperwork. Our standard appointment is 30 minutes long; up to 90 minutes if need be. We save same day and next day appointments for urgent and emergent needs. Our doctors will return phone calls or communicate via email if you're comfortable with that. Heaven forbid you should end up in the hospital, but if you do and you're at St. Pete's, you'll receive a visit from your own doctor. If you can't make it into the office, and live within the service area, our doctors will also make house calls. If you have an urgent need and your doctor is out of the office, her partner will be happy to see you. We offer in-depth, personalized health care that you can't get from a traditional physician.

Board certified, patient centered healthcare

At Vantage Physicians, we are deeply committed to providing prompt, friendly, quality medical care to our patients. Our concierge practice model allows us to focus on our patient�s needs rather than the requirements of their insurance carrier. We are free to focus on the primary interaction in healthcare: the patient-physician relationship.

More About Us...

Receptionist Cindy helps schedule your house calls and appointments, including same-day

Vantage Physicians is conveniently located near Providence St. Peter Hospital in a quiet office park just off of Ensign Road in Olympia. Our office is surrounded by trees and full of natural daylight.

Direct Medical Practice Office Manager Christine

On the rare occasion that you actually wait to see the doctor, we provide a homey, comfortable waiting room with refreshments, coffee and snacks. Our staff has been carefully chosen for their commitment to our patients and our mission, as well as their professional skills. We take pride in knowing each patient by name and working as a team to coordinate their care.

Features of our practice include...

  • 24-hour access to your personal physician.
  • Same-day acute office visits, routine office visits and comprehensive annual exams.
  • Direct communication with your doctor via e-mail, or direct phone access.
  • Hospital, nursing home, and in-home care visits* by your personal physician. (Limited to the local surrounding areas at doctor discretion.)
  • Assistance in navigating the complex medical system and working with any sub-specialists involved in your care.

*Certain Restrictions may apply for this level of care.

Your membership fee completely covers this level of service as well as any care and procedures we provide in our office. We will not charge you anything more than the membership fee and we will never submit a bill to your insurance company.

We made these innovative changes in our practice because we value the relationships with you, our patients, more than any other aspect of health care.


"If you�ve ever had a medical issue or emergency away from home, you know how difficult it can be to access quality medical care, even if you have good medical insurance. Sometime whether you�re on vacation or you work out of town you need medical care that you can trust.

Recently, when I was out of town a minor but important medical problem occurred that needed immediate attention. Through this experience I quickly realized how important it is to have someone on the inside of the medical community to serve as my advocate.

Vantage Physicians really came through for me. With just one quick email and an immediate response the Vantage Team began work to research quality options that would best meet my medical need even though I was in Florida at the time and unable to return to Washington. They were able to get an appointment for me in my current location when my efforts were met with great resistance.

As someone that travels extensively for my job and for pleasure, I have a real peace of mind that if medical issues arise whether I�m at home or away, I have someone on my side that will help me seek out and receive that best possible medical care. I not only have a home for my medical records and regular medial care with Vantage Physicians, but I also have a physician that is able to take to time to serve as my advocate within the medical community when referrals are needed or serious issue arise.

That�s a real advantage with Vantage Physicians!"

-Mary B. Lane